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By | May 21, 2018

Wireless Connection is the preferable way to connect your Router and Computer. As it gives you relief to always stay connected with the cables while the wireless connection required only one-time configuration and then you can access on any device under the wifi range of your router. But how you can configure your router wirelessly, take a look ahead.

Preset Wireless Security

Every Netgear Router has Preset Wireless Security Name (SSID) and Password that is mentioned on the router’s label at the bottom. This is your Wifi Network and password which help you to connect Wifi connection.  For example: look at the

Router Configuration

The process begins to establish a connection between your Router and Modem to access the Internet connection. For this, you need an Ethernet Cable which one end should be placed in the router and another in the modem. Power on both devices and let the power go through both products.  When both are connected, the router’s LED will lit and stable becoming solid green.

Turn on your gadget

Now get your device and turn it on whether it is a computer, mobile, PC, etc. Your gadget has the software utility that manages the Wifi connection, you need to click on this and find the SSID name from Preset Wireless Security. Select this and enter the Security Key also taken from the Preset Wireless Security details. It will proceed and finally, show that you are connected to your Wi-Fi connection. Access

It’s time to access For this, launch your browser or type In case, it is not providing results then you can type definitely it will work.

Enter the Default Netgear Router Password

The Default Netgear Router Password is ‘admin’ to every router. It should be written in the small letter for both (username & password). Enter this if you never ever set a new password.  In case you forget the password, the only solution to this problem is to reset your router and get back to the default settings. Web Interface

Entering the right password will take you to the web interface, where you can do a number of changes in your routerlogin settings. Even you can change the Preset Wireless Security under the Wireless settings from your main menu.

The settings will be applicable only when you save all the settings. So, always remember to click on the Save or Apply options.

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