How to Access Netgear Router Setup – Routerlogin Net

By | June 4, 2018

The main motive to buy the Netgear Router is to obtain easy grip on internet activities.  The Routerlogin Net is the home page of your router from where you optimize all the activities of your Router.  In order to reach the admin page of your Router, you have two different ways, wired and wireless while the WPS method is an alternate way of Wifi connectivity. Let’s explore the all three different methods to connect your router.

Netgear Router Manual Method – (Wired Connection)

Every Router package includes two Ethernet cables. One is to be connected to the Router and modem. Another is used to connect the router and computer (Any Device). The cables should be connected properly. When the wired connection is confirmed then you can turn on your connected devices. Your Router has indicator light will immediately let you know about the accurate configuration. routerlogin

  • Access your device whether its internet is working well or not. If yes then
  • Browse > net > Confirm Password ‘admin’ by default in lower case
  • You will reach to admin page > Go to Basic Settings > Click on No if you want to detect your internet connection yourself.

Here you will get the options of Dynamic IP address, Domain Name and relevant. All these information you have to gather from your Internet Service Provider (ISP).  Save your settings and restart your Router.

Netgear Router Wireless Setup

Connect your Router and Modem with an Ethernet Cable that you got with the package of your Router. Go to your device and open the Wifi manager will be showing your network name that is written on the backside of your Router as given in the image.

routerlogin Exact under this SSID name, you will see the security key. So your Wifi Manager will scan this name, select this, confirm the password and let it proceed to connect.

Within maximum 10 to 20 seconds you will be connected. Now access > Confirm Netgear Router Password > Routerlogin Admin Page > Make the required changes and click on Save or Apply.

Netgear Router WPS Method 

This process can be run only when your Router and respective device are compatible to WPS method. If yes then initially connect Modem and Router.  There is WPS button on your Router and Device. Simultaneously, press the both WPS button and look at the LED will start blinking when these are connected.


Your device connected to the WPS will automatically detect to the Wifi. You don’t need to confirm the Wifi Username and Password. Now Browse Routerlogin Net > Confirm Netgear Router Password and you will reach to Routerlogin homepage.

Make sure to save the setting and update the firmware

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