Troubleshoot Your Network Routerlogin Using the Ping Utility

By | May 11, 2018

Most network devices and routers include a ping utility that sends an echo request packet to the designated device. The device then responds by having an echo reply.It is possible to troubleshoot a network routerlogin utilizing the ping utility in your personal computer or workstation.

Test the LAN Path to Your Router

You are able to ping the Wi-Fi DSL modem router from your personal computer to verify that the LAN way to your Wi-Fi DSL modem router is established correctly.


To ping the Wi-Fi DSL modem routerlogin from a computer running Windows:

  • Go to the Windows toolbar, click Start and select Run.
  • In the field provided, type ping accompanied by the IP address of the Wi-Fi DSL modem router, as in this example: ping is net
  • Click OK.

Message displayed liked this:

Pinging <IP address> with 32 bytes of data.

You may have some issue if path is not working properly, then it may be:

  • Wrong physical connections

For a wired connection, ensure that the numbered LAN port LED is lit for the port to that you are connected.

Check that the correct LEDs are lit for the network devices. If your Wi-Fi DSL modem router and computer are linked to another Ethernet switch, ensure that the Ethernet LEDs are lit for the switch ports which are linked to your computer and Wi-Fi DSL modem router.

  • Wrong network configuration

Verify that the Ethernet card driver software and TCP/IP software are generally installed and configured in your computer.

Test the Path from Your Computer to a Remote Device

After verifying that the LAN path works correctly, test the trail from your personal computer to a distant device.

  • From the Windows toolbar, click Start and select Run.
  • In the Windows run window, type: ping -n 10 where is the IP address of a remote device.

If the path is functioning correctly, then you receive a reply and if you do not receive replies:

  • Check your computer gets the IP address of one’s Wi-Fi DSL modem router listed whilst the default gateway.
  • Check to observe that the network address of your computer is distinctive from the network address of the remote device.
  • If your ISP assigned a host name to your personal computer, enter that host name because the account name in the Internet Setup screen.

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